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Aqua Fitness

Get fit in the water. Low impact and fun!

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May National Meditation Month

National meditation month is a positive way to bring awareness to the benefits of meditation for your mind, body and spirit. Whether you are just beginning a mediation practice or re-energizing an existing one, please join meditation instructor, Rennie Maguire in developing your systematic practice. This one day workshop uses a classical yoga method. Following a series of steps, you will learn to regulate your breath, focus your attention, quiet your nervous system, ease body tension and gradually develop inner peace.

Members $35
Non-members $45

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Members and non-members

Spinning For Weight Loss

Beginning June 3-July 22, 2018
10am-12pm Sundays
Cost: $189 members, $250 non-members

Spinning for Weight Loss can be a life-changing program, utilizing a unique concept of
not just achieving weight loss, but changing the way you think about nutrition, fitness
and ultimately your lifestyle. The 8-week program provides: • Plenty of professional
coaching and support in Spinning and weight loss management • Group/team camaraderie
• Enhanced calorie burn from a 45-minute ride • Comprehensive nutrition plan and
weekly coaching • Useful course materials for continued weight management

Contact: Rosina, JCC Spinning Coordinator, 505-348-4473,

- Please wear appropriate clothing and stiff soled shoes
- Bring towel and water bottle
- Bring Wahoo Heart Rate Monitor

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