Drop-In Childcare

Our Childcare service located in the main JCC building. The JCC Childcare supports Family Members with children ages 9 weeks to 5 years.

  • Parents will present a JCC childcare card to the Childcare Staff to allow drop off their child.
  • Parents must remain on the premises at all times while their child is in the program.
  • Parents are responsible for feeding and toileting before drop-off.
  • Childcare is limited up to a maximum of two hours daily.
  • The Childcare will be closed on days when the JCC is closed, and the JCC reserves the right to close the program for special events.
  • Children will not be accepted if showing signs of illness or running a temperature.

There is NO charge for Childcare Services provided a reservation is made as follows:

  1. In order to ensure we have the appropriate staff on hand, reservations must be made in advance (by 6 pm the night before for a morning reservation or before noon the day of for an afternoon reservation) by calling 332-0565 or 348-4469. Appointments will begin at the time of reservation, and not the time of arrival.
  2. Appointments not canceled in advance will be charged $5.00 fee.
  3. Members without a reservation will be charged $5.00 per child. Walk-ins will only be accepted if space is available.

*Payment for items #2 & #3 above must be made before leaving your child in childcare.

For the welfare and safety of your children, all policies will be fully enforced.

8 am–12 noon
4 pm–8 pm

Friday, Saturday & Sunday
8 am–12 noon

Please call (505) 332-0565 or (505) 348-4469 for reservations.