JScreen Genetic Testing

Information courtesy of JScreen March 2023 Newsletter. For more information about JScreen please visit https://www.jscreen.org/

By learning about your genes and the unique story they tell, you can help keep your family healthy for generations to come. Save $54 on Genetic Testing with JScreen using the code Passover2023 through 4/30/2023!

4 Myths About Genetic Testing to Debunk With Your Family Over Passover:

  1. “If it’s not in my family, I don’t have to worry”: Even without a history of cancer in your family, you could still have a genetic predisposition to cancer. The same is true of recessive genetic diseases like Tay-Sachs. Many people have no idea that being a carrier runs in their family because carriers are usually healthy people.
  2. “I’ll do my mammograms and colonoscopies when my doctor tells me it’s time”: It’s better to hear that you’re at risk for cancer, than that you have cancer. A positive genetic test can propel you to consider preventative measures or do more enhanced screening, which can help detect cancer at an early and treatable stage.
  3. “If I was tested for Tay-Sachs when I got married, my kids won’t need testing”: Testing panels are frequently updated and your testing is most likely outdated. If you already have children, tell them about the importance of reproductive genetic testing before starting or expanding their families. Also share with your siblings, cousins, and other relatives. It could save lives.
  4. “Genetic testing is only for Ashkenazi Jews”: Testing is relevant for everyone, regardless of background. Most people are carriers of genetic diseases, and the only way to know if your future children are at-risk is to get tested.

Save $54 on Genetic Testing With JScreen

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