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MON/WED/FRI/SAT, 9am-10am
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Aquaerobics is an enjoyable way to exercise while toning and trimming. Rhythmic water exercises are a wonderful way to keep in shape. This hour-long class takes place in the shallow end of the competition pool, which serves as an added resistance force.

Balance & Mobility for Seniors

A gentle, flowing, and progressive standing movement class designed to systematically improve full body awareness, mobility and balance. This twice weekly class is 30-40 minutes in length and open to all who could benefit from increased flexibility, dynamic balance and a novel movement practice.

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Let's Move for a Better World

The 2017 Global Campaign against obesity and sedentary lifestyles is on its way. Join us and donate your MOVES. Donate your moves from March 13-31.
Sign up directly on a Technogym screen or talk to a personal trainer
The first 100 members to join will receive a t-shirt or a bag
The top three movers will win prizes
Our goal is to collect 3 million moves for the ABQ Police Dept Academy

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Meditation & Developing Your Systematic Practice

THURS April 20, 2017 6:30pm - 8:00pm

Learn to meditate in this step by step one day workshop using a classical yoga method. Following a series of steps, you will learn to regulate your breath, focus your attention, quiet your nervous system, ease body tension and gradually develop inner peace.

This class is for anyone who wants to learn mediation or develop a systematic practice. This class will be taught seated in chairs. Wear comfortable clothing. Bring a small pillow for back support (optional).

Instructor: Rennie Maguire, Meditation Teacher of the Institute of the Himalayan Tradition (IHT) since 2004. ( or 541-961-5169)

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Yoga Inversions and Arm Balances

SUN, 4/23, 2-3:15pm

Explore the thrill of yoga inversions and arm balances, such as headstand, handstand, scorpion, crow, side crow, firefly and flying pigeon. This workshop is designed for anyone interested in working towards mastering these poses safely and confidently.

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