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Aqua Fitness

Get fit in the water. Low impact and fun!

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Building Inner Resilience

These are turbulent times. Our lives, sometimes feel confused, at best, and at worst, chaotic. How do we ride these tides? Daily meditation is an invaluable tool in our process. Through a regular practice of meditation, we learn to be present to our lives in good and bad times. We learn to cultivate a stance of personal leadership, witnessing our shadow selves with intention, courage and compassion. We learn to go within, in the silence, to observe our personal issues and to let them go, breath by breath. In these four weeks-we will focus on the tools from a systematic practice of meditation. These strategies will help us cope with the fears we all face: losing what we have; not getting what we want. Please join me as we build our inner resilience together.

Instructor: Rennie Maguire
Meditation Teacher of the Institute of The Himalayan Tradition (IHT) since 2001 or 541-961-5169

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Foam Rolling and Myofascial Release: A great way to stretch

Saturday, July 14 1:15-2:30 pm
$18 member $25 non member

Foam Rolling is a self myofacial release (SMR) stretching technique that has been embraced throughout the fitness industry. This effective and simple to do technique delivers positive, feel good results. Using a foam roller can deliver improvements in flexibility, muscle recover, movement efficiency, inhibiting overactive muscles and pain reduction with just minutes of application.

Instructor: Mindy Caplan, ACSM CEP

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Restorative Yoga with Mindy Caplan

Sunday, June 24th
2:30 – 3:45pm

1 1/4 Hours of PURE BLISS.

Restorative Yoga slows down a hectic pace, soothes the nervous system, relaxes and restores the mind and body.

Instructor: Mindy Caplan

Please bring your own yoga mat, props, and yoga blankets if you have them. Orders for blankets for home use will be taken after class. Delivery will be arranged by the instructor.

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Spinning For Weight Loss

Beginning June 3-July 22, 2018
10am-12pm Sundays
Cost: $189 members, $250 non-members

Spinning for Weight Loss can be a life-changing program, utilizing a unique concept of
not just achieving weight loss, but changing the way you think about nutrition, fitness
and ultimately your lifestyle. The 8-week program provides: • Plenty of professional
coaching and support in Spinning and weight loss management • Group/team camaraderie
• Enhanced calorie burn from a 45-minute ride • Comprehensive nutrition plan and
weekly coaching • Useful course materials for continued weight management

Contact: Rosina, JCC Spinning Coordinator, 505-348-4473,

- Please wear appropriate clothing and stiff soled shoes
- Bring towel and water bottle
- Bring Wahoo Heart Rate Monitor

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Women's Self Defense

SUNDAYS, June 10-July 29 10 am to 11:15 am
$80 members/ $120 non members

Learn up to date skills and techniques that will dramatically increase the chances of protecting yourself and the people you care about during the most common attacks.

Topics include:
Observation techniques, protection and defense in everyday environments, defense techniques, confidence to feel secure in your environment, effective striking techniques, recognition and use of improvised weapons, responding to a knife or gun attack, laws regarding force, and recent deadly force attacks on women.

Instructor: Michelle Church, 2nd Degree Black Belt IPP (Intensive Persona; Protection) Krav Maga. or 505-350-0983

Register by 6/1
Open to ages 11 year and up (ages 11-15 must participate with a parent or guardian)

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Drop In

Zumba Party

Member $5; Non-members $10

'Ditch the workout, Join the Party" Join our Zumba instructors for fun at our Zumba Party with Cody Harp, Amanda Kuker and Anick Olmsted.

Contact: Debbie Quinones 348-4501 or

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