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Spinning Schedule (Effective Jan 3, 2017)

Group Fitness Schedule (Effective Jan 16, 2017)

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8 Week Spinning & Weight Loss

Beginning January 7th, 2017
Cost: $125 members, $225 non-members
Returning Members who have already taken this course $55

Your coaches believe a strong psychological component is crucial to your success in this endeavor. In other words, WE GET IT! This can be a life-changing event, utilizing a unique concept of not just achieving weight loss, but changing the way you think about nutrition, fitness and ultimately your lifestyle.

The 8-week program provides:
- Plenty of professional coaching and support in Spinning and weight loss management
- Group/team camaraderie
- Group & Individual Goal Nurturing & Reinforcement
- Enhanced calorie burn from Spinning classes
- Comprehensive nutrition plan and personal counseling
- Course materials that are useful long after course completion in strategies for continuing your personal weight management

- Please wear appropriate clothing and stiff soled shoes
- Bring towel and water bottle
- Bring a Heart Rate Monitor

Certified coaches: Steve Parratto and Linda Parratto

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Couples/Partner Yoga

SUN, 2/12, 2:15-3:30pm
$20 mem/$30 non mem

Happy Valentine's Day! Partner yoga expands the traditional yoga practice with the forms and principles of individual posture while incorporating the presence of another to deepen the impact of the practice. Familiar postures have renewed power and effectiveness when partners work together. Partners rely on each other's support to keep correct body alignment, balance and focus in a posture. All levels welcome. Instructor: Sara Ukeiley.

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Meditation Group

Thur, 1/19 - 2/13, 6:30pm-7:30pm
$60 members/$80 non members

Whether you are new to meditation or want to deepen and develop your systematic practice, instructor Rennie Maguire will guide you in this weekly 30-minute seated practice. Following a series of steps, you will learn to regulate your breath, focus your attention, quiet your nervous system, ease body tension and gradually develop inner peace.
All are welcome. Knowledge of diaphragmatic breathing, prior participation in Beginning Meditation and/or Meditation & Developing Your Systematic Practice is helpful to participation in this meditation group and overall development to any meditation practice.
Instructor: Rennie Maguire, Meditation Teacher of the Institute of Himalayan Tradition (IHT) or 541-961-5169

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Restorative Yoga with Mindy Caplan

SUN, 2/19, 4pm-5:15pm

1 1/4 Hours of PURE BLISS.

Restorative Yoga slows down a hectic pace, soothes the nervous system, relaxes and restores the mind and body. Instructor: Mindy Caplan

Please bring your own yoga mat and blankets if you have them Straps, blocks, mats and some blankets will be provided. One Yoga blanket is included with registrations ($20 value). If you would like to purchase additional blankets (recommended for this class), please contact Debbie Quinones before 2/12/17

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