Our Staff

Name Telephone E-mail Department
JCC Main 332-0565 www.jccabq.org 275-1307JCC FAX
Acosta, Sally 4460 sallya@jccabq.org Director, Member Services
Altamirano, Tony 4470 tonya@jccabq.org Director of Facility Maintenance
Blackerby, Debbie 4455 debrab@jccabq.org Member Services
Brantley, Rosina 4473 rosinab@jccabq.org Spinning and Group Fitness Director
Bubbico, Aaron 4486 aaronb@jccabq.org Fitness and Strength Director
Caplan, Suzy 505-288-8188 suzyc@jccabq.org Community Partnerships
Casaus, Kathie 4452 kathiec@jccabq.org Accountant
Driscoll, Cathy 4485 cathyd@jccabq.org Director of Operations
Duling, Lauren 4503 lduling@jccabq.org Executive Assistant
Eddings, Ari 4497 aquatics@jccabq.org Swim Lessons Coordinator
Johnson, Marisa 4453 marisaj@jccabq.org Operations Assistant
Klar, Manni 505-239-5279 manni.klar@aufc.org AUFC Office
Martinez, Chris 4454 chrism@jccabq.org Director of Marketing
Martinez, Mark 4448 mmartinez@jccabq.org Finance Director
Mullaney, Jack 4511 jack@jccabq.org Director, Athletics and Recreation
Petersen, Oskar 4497 aquatics@jccabq.org Director of Aquatics
Pier, Susanna 4521 susannap@jccabq.org Director, Fitness and Wellness
Prant, Shelly 4449 shellyp@jccabq.org Executive Director
Quinones, Debbie 4501 debbieq@jccabq.org Specialty Class Coordinator
Robinson, Veronica 4450 veronicap@jccabq.org Development and Special Events Coordinator
Scarberry, Andrea 4502 andreas@jccabq.org Fitness Coordinator
Schwarz, Kelley 4481 kelleys@jccabq.org Facility Rental Coordinator
Siler, Maya 4518 mayas@jccabq.org Coordinator, Arts/Culture, Seniors and Youth
Tyler, Doug 4470 dougt@jccabq.org Maintenance Supervisor
Westerlund, Matt 4466 mattw@jccabq.org Camp Director
Wolf, Phyllis 4500 phyllisw@jccabq.org Director, Cultural Programs
4535   Fitness Administration
4461   Membership
4510   Academy Room 103/104
FEC Telephone Email Department
Davidman, Sherri 4491 sherrid@jccabq.org Director, Family Enrichment Center
Fritsch, Cathy 4475 cathyf@jccabq.org Admin. Assistant, Family Enrichment Center
Infant Room 4490   Family Enrichment Center
Toddler Room 4489 Family Enrichment Center
Two Year Old Room 4496 Family Enrichment Center
Three Year Old Room 4519 Family Enrichment Center
Fours/Fives Room 4495 Family Enrichment Center
Albrycht, Deborah 4459 accounting@jewishnewmexico.org Director of Finance and Administration, JFNM
Benjamin, Zach 4458 zach@jewishnewmexico.org Executive Director, JFNM
Dennis, Jen 4443 jenniferd@jewishnewmexico.org Senior Programs Manager
Gurule, Kristen 4457 kristen@jewishnewmexico.org Administrative & Accounting Specialist, JFNM
McCormack, Ann 4471 admin@nmjhs.org NM Jewish Historical Society Administrator
Rimson, Erika 4472 erika@jcfnm.org Director, Jewish Community Foundation of NM
Tarica, Erin 4451 erint@jewishnewmexico.org Director, Jewish Care Program