Steve Parratto

STAR 3 Spin Instructor

Always Inspiring, Motivating Music!

Spinning 18 years

STAR 3 certified instructor for 15 years

Level 2 with Distinction USA Cycling Coach 10 years — now retired

League Cycling Instructor, League of American Bicyclists — Bicycling Safety Education Instructor and Consultant

Mountain Bike Tour Operator, Leadville, CO Summers 1991P1993

NORBA Race Official 1991P1993

Cycling Tour Leader, Italy, Summer, 2005

Full time certified Ski & Snowboard Instructor & Snowboard Program Director, Colorado

Retired Computing Software Instructor, CNM (Programming Languages, Networking, & Application Development)

Retired Army Major P US Army Ranger, Army Counterintelligence Agent, Strategic/Tactical Intelligence, Special Security Activities