Sports Complex Rentals

Abe & Sophia
Cohen Gymnasium

Our clean and airy full size gymnasium is perfect for all your indoor sports leagues. We have half-court and full-court basketball with height-adjustable hoops, two volleyball set-ups, a half-court divider to create two separate spaces, bleachers along the north wall for spectators, clocks with buzzers for each half-court, and more.
Half-Court $50/hr | Full-Court $75/hr
Team Rentals: Half $80/hr | Full $100/hr

Futsal Court

Our standard-size futsal court is outfitted in high-quality turf and has both small and medium size goals. This space is optimal not only for soccer skills practice, but also fits the bill perfectly for any outdoor sports performance training classes. $50/hour

Pollack Aquatic Complex

Our gorgeous outdoor aquatics complex boasts a competition size pool, smaller therapy pool, and enclosed baby pool. The competition pool can divide into 6 lap lanes that can easily accommodate two simmers side-by-side. We keep our water in the competition pool heated to a comfortable 80 degrees F, and the therapy pool stays even warmer. This pricing is specific to team and league rentals. $50/hour

Contact: Danielle Lambson, Aquatics Director at 505-418-4457 or

Soccer Field

Our beautiful soccer field has three sets of bleachers for spectators and plenty of shade trees on the south and east sides. This is not a full-size soccer field but is perfect for younger kids or short-sided games. $50/hour

Elite Studio

Our functional training space, Elite Studio, is equipped with a large weight rack and many accessories; freeweights; benches; rowers; RealRyder unstable stationary bikes; SurfSet surfboards; and much more. $50/hour

Contact: Dawn LoGuercio, Group Fitness Director at 505-418-4473 or

Beach Volleyball Court

Our incredible beach volleyball court has the BEST high quality fine grain beach sand in town. Net is adjustable for mens’ and womens’ league play. Boundary lines can accommodate doubles, fours and sixes. The east sideline has shaded seating for spectators. $50/hour