The Ronald Gardenswartz Jewish Community Center of Greater Albuquerque is at the heart of Albuquerque’s Jewish community. We are a place of belonging, where you can build lifelong relationships and create enduring memories. We are a place where people of all backgrounds connect, find friendship, and gather. Our JCC is where Jewish values come to life. The JCC makes our community a better place to live, connect, work, and play.


The future of our Jewish community depends on the existence and excellence of Jewish opportunities. A successful Life and Legacy program will ensure the future so that Jewish institutions like the JCC can provide those opportunities and a path to learning Jewish values, ideas, and customs.

-Stan Stark " "

The JCC is our second home. It's where our children went to nursery school and where they go to camp, it's where we celebrate Jewish holidays as a family, it's where we've made lifelong friends, and it's where our kids have learned what it is to be Jewish. Our legacy gift will help ensure that our children's children have the same life-enriching experiences that we have all had as part of the JCC community.

-Jim & Nicole Werkmeister " "

Our community worked for many years to bring the concept of a Jewish Community Center to a wonderful fruition. All of us who enjoy the JCC are now the recipients of that work and generosity. The center is truly a gem in the Albuquerque community which offers Jewish learning, health/fitness opportunities, life-long education, entertainment and cultural events as well as the opportunity to put our Jewish values to work by supporting others in our greater community. Through the Life and Legacy program, I have put my values for sustaining Jewish life in Albuquerque into action by leaving an after-lifetime gift to our precious JCC! Won't you join me?

-Debra Wechter Friedman " "

Please consider making an endowment gift to the JCC LIFE & LEGACY™ Fund. JCC legacy donors are people just like you who want a vibrant, thriving center of Jewish life in our community that embraces all who enter and that will enhance the lives of generations to come. This is your time to touch future generations by leaving a Jewish legacy. Sign a Letter of Intent and we will contact you about the many different easy ways to make a JCC LIFE & LEGACY™ endowment gift. PLEASE JOIN US!

For more information about the LIFE & LEGACY™ Program, please contact

Thank you for helping us assure Jewish tomorrows in New Mexico.