Pool Schedule

JCC is excited to keep our Aquatic Center open year-round for the first time in the history of the JCC! JCC has made this change to better serve our members and the community. Please enjoy the expanded access to this excellent fitness and recreational facility.

The JCC competition pool will remain open all winter, subject to certain temperature and weather conditions (see below). The therapy and wading pools will be closed until Spring.

Competition Pool Opening Criteria

Under normal conditions, the JCC pool will be open when the temperature is 32° F or above. The JCC will use The Weather Channel as the “official” source for the current temperature.

To check the current temperature that will determine whether the pool is open or closed:

  • Visit www.weather.com
  • Download The Weather Channel app on your smart phone, tablet or other mobile device.
  • For the desired location, enter the JCC zip code: 87109.

The pool also will be closed if the following conditions exist:

  • Lightning
  • Visibility conditions obscure the pool bottom
  • Other inclement weather, such as hard rain or heavy snow

When in doubt whether the pool is open or closed, call the JCC front desk: 505-332-0565.