Steve Gongora

STAR 3 Spin Instructor

STAR 3 Spin Instructor and certified SpinPower Instructor

Steve has been involved with the Spinning Program at the JCC since 2005. His wife Rita introduced him to the Spinning Program with Steve Parratto as the instructor. She told him there was some great music to work out to on a stationary bike. He could see the cardio benefits and from that point hasn’t stopped Spinning. Steve received his Spinning Certification from Mad Dogg in 2011 and enjoys putting music together for a great Spinning Class workout incorporating benefits of heart rate and wattage.  SpinPower cerftified in 2017, he continues to pursue certification credits by taking online courses, workshops and attended the International Spinning Convention in 2012, 2018 and 2019 (specializing in SpinPower education) in Miami.

He has dedicated classes as he teaches every Sunday at 8:30 AM, Tuesdays at 5:30 AM and Friday at 9:30 AM. Together with the members, he brings a lot of energy and motivation to last throughout the day.  To date he has logged over 150 classes each year and looks forward to share his energy with each class. He reached 1000 classes in November 2021 and continues to add and log in memorable rides each week.  He likes to have Holiday dedicated rides and specialty rides including Muscle Shoals, Motown, Name Game, Woodstock, and many more.

Steve and his wife retired from their business in November 2021.  The business House of Covers has been operating since 1972. Their nephew Jake continues to carry the torch for the next generation. Steve enjoys outdoor cycling, woodworking and specializes in the Corvair automotive hobby. He helped start the local Corvair Club in 1974.

Steve’s House of Covers Profile